How To Live A Healthier and Happier Life

There are many culprits for dissatisfaction in life, and I found that many of them are due to the inability to reach a certain goal, the dissatisfaction of the way we look, or just plainly not knowing where our life is headed. These factors can be a hindrance for finding the best version of yourself, and sadly, many people really do struggle because of it.

There’s no rule book on how to live a good life. Sometimes, it just happens and sometimes, you have to go and get it to achieve success. But before you can do that, you have to feel good about yourself to prevent the dissatisfaction that can distract you from your goals. Here are a few tips on how to live a happier and healthier life.

Have A Colorful Meal

A colorful plate that consists of green and yellow vegetables, fruits, and protein is best. Try to make sure that you don’t eliminate the food you love just because you want to lose some weight. You can still enjoy the treats you want, but in smaller portions.

Deprivation is the main reason why people who are doing so well with their weight loss tend to lose their track. If you’re active or on a weight loss fruit pill, eat whatever you want, but make sure it is both healthy, and reasonable.

Junk-Proof Your Home

If possible, remove everything you have in the fridge or pantry and start shopping for food at least once a week. Make a weekly healthy meal plan. This allows you to go back to the grocery store and buy more whole foods and spend less money.

Yes, they perish quite quickly, but that’s the reason why a weekly shopping is preferred. You shield yourself from buying preserved and processed food that can be very unhealthy for you.

Meal Prep

If you’re living a fast-paced life and healthy food is almost impossible to consume on a regular basis, a meal prep on your day off would be a great idea in making sure you eat healthy meals during the week. You can make fresh salads and dishes ahead of time and store them in individual microwavable containers.

When kept in the freezer, these meals can last you weeks. This convenience saves you both money and time. Instead of getting take-outs at work, you can simply bring your own lunch, pop it in the oven, and have a healthy, home-prepared meal. You eat less fat, sugar and calories this way.

Stay Active

You don’t have to get a gym membership to be active. If you’re not into it, don’t waste any more money on that. You can take mini-workouts by simply taking a 30-minute to an hour walk.

The more, the better! Instead of sulking at home watching a movie on the weekends, go to the park and walk around. Or go to the mall for some window shopping. Anything that keeps those legs working will prevent you from packing up the pounds. This even lowers the risk of getting Diabetes.

Plan on The Things You Love

A head-strong and focused individual, no matter how physically active they can be, tend to forget to do what makes them truly happy. Make sure to take some break from work and consider taking a “happy hour”. Whether it’s reading a good novel, going to a karaoke bar, climbing mountains or going to the beach, they should all be a part of your life no matter how hectic things could get.

Save Money

Earning money is one of the things that keep us alive today. However, the money you save now, and spend later, is what makes all the hard work worthwhile. Seeing the fruit of your labor will bring a sense of pride and satisfaction. If you can, try to get a saving account and save as much as you can.

Living a healthy and happy life requires your body and mind to be in unison. Try to create a “me attitude” to make sure that you are taking care of yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being selfless, but you need self-improvement to become truly happy. Work on that first, and you’ll notice a positive ripple effect on your friends, family and colleagues.

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